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About Us


TSU Shortybulls is a small kennel in Nashville, Tn, where we strive to create the ultimate shortybull. We have acquired some  of  the best blood available to help us achieve a very distinct look and attitude of what we feel best represents the ultimate shortybull. With the success of our program we have expanded and also have a TSU Texas in Waco, Tx.

What is a Shortybull?

The Shortybull is a composite bulldog with classic bulldog features. They are all around healthy bulldogs with a stable tempermeant in a small, fun sized package. Shortybulls are thought to be the healthier alternative to the English and French Bulldog and are adaptable to different environments. These athletic bulldogs are eager to please and make excellent pets. We are excited in helping this young breed move forward with our ultimate Shortybulls.


Shortybulls are the most exclusive bulldog breed in the world and TSU Shortybulls offers some of the best bred shortybull puppies around.  If you are looking for a reputable breeder with top quality Shortybull puppies give us a call to help you find your perfect puppy. Our puppies are very loved and well taken care of and we want this to continue when they go to their new homes. Buyers can call us anytime for advice and guidance after you bring your puppy home.


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